January 7, 2011

the end is here........

i'm starting anew.
please go to PatriciaMonkey.
bookmark it....
please visit often.....and become a follower.
and spread the word. and comment!
i'm redesigning so i can have more pages etc....
being it's a new year and all :)
i love you and wish you nothing but happiness and ice cream.
unless you have a lactose thing.....
it's still a little dusty there and not in complete working order yet.
but it will be soon........this will always be here if you want to look back.
once again- patriciaMonkey   <-----click here, follow.
xoxo, patti

January 4, 2011


hello! and happy happy new year. 2011 is going to be great. 
i was featured on urbanite! the awesome baltimore city magazine. thank you urbanite! please go look and hit the like button while you are there. sweet and dark
xo patti

December 12, 2010

for Myrtle Dove in Baltimore, Maryland

i will be delivering these new paintings, tote bags and cards to Myrtle Dove Vintage in Baltimore. The Walsh sisters- Michelle and Mary have put together a really fun selection of vintage and art, that is always changing.

December 7, 2010


hi guys!
i just came across these great raffiaware footed bowls. nine different pastel colors. i decided to put them in my vintage etsy. they are so pretty and fun......maybe i should keep them.....

November 29, 2010

bazaart 2010

i thought you might like to see my booth from this past weekend's Bazaart at The American Visionary Art Museum.
it's always such a great show! thank you to everyone who came out and a huge thanks to AVAM.
it's always so fun to see the artists every year too. there is always amazing, unusual art to be seen and purchased.

November 23, 2010

chips of paint everywhere........

As you may or may not know- my husband and I have just started a HUGE renovation project. A lovely old victorian farmhouse.
I am going to start sharing the process here.

Both to let family and friends who are far away see what we are up to and so that we have something to look back on when we are done.
Structurally it's in pretty good shape.........but needs everything else.
So, I will be including these updates here o
n my blog that has previously been mostly my art.
I hope you enjoy seeing the progress. Slow as it may be.
love, Patti

November 13, 2010

my favorite place.....

really ......i am so excited! Bazaart is just two weeks away..............The American Visionary Art Museum is my most favorite place. I love Baltimore almost as much. I'm so happy to be a vender at Bazaart for the third year. I have lots of new stuff........lots of very fun furniture........small paintings.....big paintings............little stuff for if only John Waters would come say hello .......... *sigh* a girl can dream :)

October 19, 2010

till the end of the month.........

these paintings and many more are on display till the end of October at The Berlin Coffee House. located right behind The Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD.
Early Worm has sold.

August 19, 2010

oh my goodness!

i just have to say out loud.......that today i found the most amazing painting......

in the trash!

it's awesome.....i will show you pictures soon......

July 12, 2010

sea life nightstand

super fresh.....

handpainted bedside table.....covered in whimsical one of a kind sea art.
design is property of the artist- copyright patti backer 2010

June 25, 2010

i sometimes wish turtles could fly

hi kids,
i've been away for awhile, painting and moving.
i've been in sad mode...... my dad died.... we are in transition.....
i'm a homebody with no home.....
and people don't slow down for turtles.
well i have probably made you sad.....i really hope not......and i remind myself and you that it will all be okay.....
thank you for looking at my blog. i will be happy when you leave me a comment :)

April 29, 2010

Come visit! Fenton Street Market

I will be at the Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring, MD this coming Saturday, May 1st between 9 and 3. I have lots of new little paintings on wood and some great affordable Mother's Day gifts.
Come say hello.