February 29, 2008

share your leap day with a scoundrel of a fish

This is an acrylic painting on paper board of a fish. 8.5" x 3.5"
Be careful he's a little sneaky too. He does have nice lips though....wouldn't you say?

February 27, 2008


I have started working on trophies for the upcoming Delmarva Eastern Surfing Association contest season. Wow.........ahead of time! yay :)

new nibble....RODENTS

February 14, 2008

February 11, 2008

big sun

A big sun to go with the moon man at the Satellite....just finished :)

February 8, 2008

Tattooed Moon

I just finished this moon man cut out, hung him up at the Satellite Coffee Shop along with lotsa patricia-fish.

Bye & Thank you Teresa

Yes! I finished the tile presentation for Worcester Youth & Family Counceling. It was picked up and I'm really happy with the finished piece. I hope Teresa loves it. :)

February 6, 2008


Nibblefest is a themed art contest beginning on the 20th of each month on ebay.
The winner is judged on the most individual bidders received during the auction
. You can search for NFAC to see the entries.
They all start at 99 cents too!!!!!

This painting was for the december NFAC which was nudes. These are alot of fun. Fun to do and fun to see what everyone comes up with. This painting was purchased by ebay buyer -jazztrek from Ohio.

all images are the property of patti backer copyright 2007

This past months theme was to combine two or more animals to make one. I painted a tapiropus. A tapir and an octopus. I think tapirs are wonderful :)

Tile mosaic jobby

I recieved a call from a non profit organization I did a job for back in 2002.
It was a large wall mural done in tiles with a mosaic center piece.
They sold each tile as a fundraiser. The director is leaving and as a parting gift the board of directors wants to present her with a wall hanging of the center section. I'm working on it now.

February 1, 2008

Getting back into things

I'm working on my art full time again. I'm dizzy about it....both with the pressure of how best to pay the bills, but also what direction do I want to go? In the past I worked successfully in several areas. Painted furniture, my hand built mosaic wall hangings and painting. I have kept up with my drawing and painting for the last few years, but with working two was just here and there.

Marketing is like a whole other business, and definately does not come naturally to me. My website is up and running, could use some tweaking, but overall I'm proud of it. I need to get some linkage going and figure out the best way for me to advertise. I've been doing a little bit of everything and I have to say......I'm super excited.