January 31, 2010

New Limited Edition P-Monkey Ornaments

This is the first ornament in a series of limited edition creations I am just starting to offer in my Etsy shop.
Part of a limited edition of 50, each signed and numbered.
Once all 50 are gone that's it. They are gone.
So far I'm planning on coming out with a new design every month.
Inspired by the Easter eggs my Mom used to put in my Easter baskets, with the peepholes that looked into glittery little pastel worlds.
This introductory ornament is a pretty pastel bird house....... but wait....something isn't right..... there is a silly orange cat inside! How did he fit in there? The birds don't look too worried.
These are packaged in little gift boxes with a gift card attached- blank and ready for you to sign.
Thanks so much for looking :)
Patti B

January 30, 2010

Library Table

I have been working on this table off and on for a couple months. It's done and is on display at Eclectica Gallery in Boulder City, NV. It has lots of hand painted details, tassel fringe and silver leaf.
Patti xoxo

January 29, 2010

Happy New Year- wow 2010!

I have waited till we are well into January to say this...

Happy New Year!
I am working on several new projects and have been so engrossed that I have not kept up with everything else. I hope you are excited and working on new things too.