March 19, 2010

#3 is out!!!!!

This is number three in a series of limited edition creations I have just started to offer in my Etsy shop.
Part of a limited edition of 50, each signed and numbered.
Once all 50 are gone that's it. They are gone.
So far I'm planning on coming out with a new design every month.
Designed by me, each paper element is cut out by hand and put together and made from my original artwork.
Inspired by the German paper holiday ornaments and Easter eggs my Mom used to hang on our tree and put in our baskets.
This one is a big eyed rabbit with a little chick on it's head. Can be a box or basket. He is sitting amongst some pretty pink skull flowers. Great for Easter or spring. Fill it with grass and candy or a special gift.

Measurements- 5.5"x 4"x 4"


Jess said...

Oh love it! Those big eyes just grab me!

leslie (crook) said...