May 29, 2009

IF- adapt

This is a mermaid who suddenly found herself living in the desert.
My husband and I moved to Nevada from the Eastern Shore of Maryland just a few months ago.
I grew up at the beach, and have almost always lived at the beach.
Painted with acrylics on a found plank of wood.

I am the mermaid and I am adapting :)


Tomás Serrano said...

Good idea. Your change must be something hard. I like Nevada landscape.

Squirrel Girl said...

I bet this looks so good on a plank of wood! It would look great hanging in a bathroom!

Ailurophile said...

Beautiful. Love all your pretty creations on Etsy. Keep up with them. Hope you are enjoying your time in the Nevada and adapting well to the new environment.

Nicola said...

How beautiful...