May 14, 2009

New furniture creations

I just finished these two new pieces.
I'm so glad painting furniture has become fun again.
It was my full time job several years ago, and well, it turned into a chore. I think that came through in my art.
So here is a new fish pond table and a big eyed bird night stand.
Thank you so much for looking :)

xoxo Patti


Jamie said...

I love them both. Your koi ponds always look so real when the photos are taken from above.

SG said...

Beautiful furniture you've painted here! The koi are lovely!

Yulia Kazansky said...

Beautiful! Really like your furniture!

Peter Breese said...

It's wonderful to hear that you have reclaimed your art. These are beautiful.

a.i.m. said...

Your furniture is amazing!!! I love the fish pond table, such a clever idea. =)